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Asalaamul Alaaikum May 16, 2007

Posted by Sis Shaykha in Uncategorized.

Asalaamul Alaiakum 🙂

How’s it going? Thanks for stopping by, Alhamdulilah I have finally made a blog…and insha’Allah I can stay commited to it. I don’t really know what this little blog of mine is going to be about…perhaps I will post videos, articles, etc on Islam. Insha’Allah I will get to posting soon. JazaakAllah again for dropping by, hope you have a nice time here, and benefit lots…

 Wa’alaykum Asalaam




1. Nosherwan - May 31, 2007

Salam alaikum,
I hope i’m first to comment.
Anyway, I love the blog and inshallah i’m going to check more of it out ^_^

2. ummmujahid - May 31, 2007

You are the first to comment!!

thanks for stopping by brother!!! 🙂

3. Muslimah - May 31, 2007

nice blog! 🙂

4. technologyaddict - June 1, 2007

i love it.. nice blog…
thanks for telling me..
May Allah bless you..

5. technologyaddict - June 1, 2007

anyway.. i think it will be better if you make it more colourful… make it interesting…

6. sisAhmed - June 1, 2007


MashAllah v nice i love it
JazakAllah for infoming me about it


7. ummmujahid - June 2, 2007

Muslim–JazaakAllah Khair. 🙂

technologyaddict–thanks so much. 🙂 Ameen. i will add some color, insha’Allah erm but let me first find out how to do that. :p

SisAhmed–aww thanks sis. 🙂 JazaakAllah Khair for stopping by.

All–Insha’Allah i’ll post some more. 🙂

8. khatab716 - June 2, 2007

Asalamuwaikum, yooooooooo “Ummujahid”, thats what im talking about, ur the shayk of youtube, now your the mother of you know what, lol, here, Alhamdulillah. Love the blog, inshAllaah it will be here for a long time, may Allaah bless you and your efforts in dawa, and may Allaah make us all commited in Islam like you. Ameen.

9. ummmujahid - June 2, 2007

Khatab716–Asalamaul Alaaikum Brother. 🙂
Lol bro, thanks. No i’m not really a mother, yet. Haha. Insha’Allah one day. :p
Insha’Allah it will be here for a long time, and I can stay commited to it!!

Undeserving of such comments but thanks brother. May Allah reward you for YOUR many efforts. ameen

Thanks for stopping by


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