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*Words of Wisdom 4 the Week* June 23, 2007

Posted by Sis Shaykha in Words of Wisdom.

Asalaamul Alaaikum,

*Week 2*

Here at HaqCentral, weeks start on Jumuah! :p

Actually I have two:

Hasan Al-Basaree (a student of Ibn Mas’ood) said, “O Son of Adam! Surely, you will not acquire the reality of Imaan until you do not pick out the defects in people of which you have in yourself, and until you start to cure that defect from yourself, so you correct it. So when you have done that, you will not have corrected a defect except that you will find another defect that you did not correct. When you do that you will be specifically busy with yourself. And the most loved of the slaves of Allaah is the one who is like that. [Sifatus-Safwah 3/234].

Glimpses of the Lives of Righteous People: A Few Glimpses into the Life of Ali bin Abu Talib, Ra.

I Shortened [Basically what happens is after Ali,ra’s death, Muwaiyah bin Abu Sufyan, ra said to Dirar bin Damrah, ra: “Describe Ali to me”.
He doesn’t really want to, but then after Muwaiyah persists in his asking he tells him. I skipped some of the descriptions…]

So he says towards the end:

“I swear, by Allah, that on certain occasions, I saw him in his place of prayer when the night was dark and a few stars could be seen; he would be holding his beard and crying the way a very sad person cries; and I would hear him saying, “O world, O world, are you offering yourself to me? Do you desire me? Never! Never! Deceive someone other than me. I have divorced you for the third time, so that you cannot return to me (metaphorically…). (O world), your life is short, the existence you offer is base, and your danger is great. Alas for the paucity of sustenance (i.e. good deeds), the great distance of the journey, and the loneliness of the road!”

—and upon hearing this description, Muwaiyah’s eyes swelled with tears……

From page 32, Glimpses of the lives of righteous people.

SubhanAllah!! 🙂




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