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Mujahid wa Mujahida June 24, 2007

Posted by Sis Shaykha in Poems.

A poem by my younger sister…..

Mujahid Wa Mujahida 

As she lights a candle
She waits for her husband’s arrival
She sees his long beard and his
stallion as he removes the saddle
He longed to see her for he was away
Away fighting for the deen, the path
in which all Muslims pray to say
She sees the nuur gleaming on his face
As she wipes away the blood on him
being sure not to leave a trace
His smile never leaving him
even though his clothes are torn
He comforts his wife as he sworn,
all their troubles would vanish,
vanish, and disapear,
when Allah would give the muslims the upper hand,
and their victory would be clear.



1. halalifiedmuslim - June 25, 2007

I LOVE this poem so much it aint even funny. I really feel the poem’s meaning because I know that the mujahid and his wife have went through a lot already. Complements to the…..poet.
Ma Saalam

2. RUSILAH - July 7, 2007


3. ummmujahid - July 7, 2007

yep masha’Allah, indeed

4. ummmujahid - July 7, 2007

thanks ya halalified muslim you!

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