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Join Halaqa/Study Group!!! July 2, 2007

Posted by Sis Shaykha in Announcements.

Join Study Group/Halaqa!!!


Asalaamul Alaaikum, I am starting a Kitab-Ut-Tawheed Study Group. Kitab-ut-Tawheed, translated into The Book of the Oneness of Allah SWT/Monotheism, is one of the most well known books on well the subject of Tawheed. I really hope all brothers, and sisters can join me in this study group. Basically what we are going to do is study from the book accompanied with a lecture explaining it by Sh. Yasir Qadhi! More details are in this video. 😀

    ****Important Links-****

Headquarters*: https://haqcentral.wordpress.com/kitab-at-tawheed-group/

YoutubeGroup: http://www.youtube.com/group/kitabtawheed

ContactMe: hijabster124@yahoo.com

  *****GO TO BLOG PAGE FIRST******* I REALLY am pumped about this and I hope you all can join!! 🙂Love you for the sake of Allah,Hope to see you in the group,




1. "abdullaah" - July 6, 2007

Assalaamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh,
alhamdulillaah washalaatuwassalaamu ‘ala rasulillah wa’alaa ashhaabihi waman tabi’ahu ilaa yaumiddiin.
(yourname is ummu mujahidah? iam sorry if it is wrong)
Ummu mujahidah, may i know is this group only for women? i am indonesian, can you tell me about a site like this that use indonesian or melayu language.
Iam sorry for my bed speech,
wassalaamualaikum warahmatullaahiwabarakaatuh

2. ummmujahid - July 6, 2007

Asalaamul Alaiakum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu Abdullah!
Yes that is correct, UmmMujahida, or UmmMujahid. Either is fine.

This group is for both brothers and sisters.
No it isn’t in the malay or indonesian language. Sorry. 😦


3. abdullah bham - July 11, 2007

mashaallah sister fab website..excellent anasheed, always choose carefully and use the best like u do…i may need help setting up my own site …possible?

4. ummmujahid - July 11, 2007

Asalaamul Alaiakum
thank you. Yep you have to choose carefully these days. 😀

Sure, i wouldn’t know about a website, but a blog pretty easy to set up. 🙂 I can help

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