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State of the Ummah* July 9, 2007

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State of the Ummah
Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali

From “A Thematic Commentary of the Qur’an”, Vol 1. (Surahs 1-9) – Verse 4:45

© 1997 IIIT

In this surah (an-Nisaa’), Muslims are given a pledge that Allah will be on their side in this confrontation and will favor them with victory. It states:

“Sufficient is Allah as an ally and sufficient is Allah to bring victory” (4:45).

However, this divine intervention and support are not granted to those who sit and wait, nor are they ever won by those who neglect the duty of preparing their own defenses and making the plans necessary to achieve victory.

We read in Shaikh Rashid Rida’s commentary on the Qur’an, al Manar:

Allah Almighty does not alter the established laws of social change in favor of Muslims, Jews or Christians. These laws apply equally even to those select few, the Prophets. At the battle of Uhud, Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam) himself suffered physical injuries to the head, had a tooth broken and fell into a ditch, owing to negligence by his troops and shortcomings in preparing for war.

How long, then, could Muslims continue arrogantly claiming identification with Islam, while discarding its teachings and refusing to abide by its laws or heed its warnings? Can Muslims not see how the tables have been turned against them? As other nations have armed themselves with science and hard work, and come to sweep over most of the Muslim lands and dominate their people… Muslims are in need of turning back to the Book of Allah, the Qur’an, and fully appreciating the laws of civilization and social change which He has laid down. They must cast aside all calls to abandon Islam or do away with the guidance that Allah has placed in their hands. They must break away from all superstitions and wake up to Allah’s eternal justicy, and realize that their glory and dignity have been undermined only aas a result of their own negligence and deviation.

Although today new and far more threatening social and moral diseases have infilitrated the fabric and body of the Muslim Ummah, the Shaikh’s diagnosis remains basically valid.



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