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IlmSeeking Cont…** July 17, 2007

Posted by Sis Shaykha in Ilm.

The Blessing of Knowledge..!! (Don’t Be Sad)

*And Allah taught you that which you knew not. And Ever-Great is the Grace of Allah unto you [O’ Muhammad].* (Qur’an 4: 113)

Ignorance kills one’s conscience and soul.

*I admonish you, lest you be one of the ignorant.* (Qur’an 11: 46)

Knowledge is a light that leads to wisdom. It is life for one’s soul and fuel for one’s character.

*Is he who was dead [without Faith by ignorance and disbelief] and We gave him life [by knowledge and Faith] and set for him a light [of Belief] whereby he can walk amongst men, like him who is in the darkness [of disbelief, polytheism and hypocrisy] from which he can never come out?* (Qur’an 6: 122)

Happiness and high-spiritedness come with enlightenment, because through knowledge, one may fulfil his goals and discover what was previously hidden from him. The soul, by its very nature, longs for the acquisition of new knowledge to stimulate it and the mind.

Ignorance is boredom and grief, because the ignorant person leads a life that never offers anything new or mind provoking. Yesterday is like today, which in turn is like tomorrow.

If you desire happiness, then seek out knowledge and enlightenment, and you will find that anxiety, depression, and grief will leave you.

*And say: ‘My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.’* (Qur’an 20: 114)*Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created [all that exists].* (Qur’an 96: 1)

The Prophet Sallallaho alayhe Wasallam said:

“If Allah wishes good for someone, He gives him an understanding of the Religion.”

Therefore if someone is ignorant, let him not be proud of either his wealth or his status in society: his life is lacking in meaning and his achievements are woefully incomplete.

*Shall he then who knows that what has been revealed unto you [O’ Muhammad] from your Lord is the truth, be like him who is blind?* (Qur’an 13: 19)

Az-Zamakhshari, the well-known commentator of the Qur’an, said in verse form:

“The sleepless night I spend in learning the sciences, are more beloved to me than the company or caresses of the enchanting woman,
“My rapturous exhilaration when understanding a difficult concept is more delicious to me than the most exotic drink,
“ More delightful to me than the sound of a woman’s hand on the drum, are my hands on my papers in order to remove dust.
“O’ he who tries to attain my level by wishful thinking, how much difference there is between the one who finds the pain of climbing to be too much and between the one who climbs and reaches the summit,
“Do I toil through the night, while you sleep through it, yet you hope to surpass me?”

How noble is enlightenment! And through it, how happy is the soul!

*Is he who is on a clear proof from his Lord, like those for whom their evil deeds that they do are beautified for them, while they follow their own lusts [evil desires]?* (Qur’an 47: 14)

Mu`aadh ibn Jabal (radhiallahu `anhu) on Knowledge

Excerpted from works by Ibn Taymiyyah and Abu Nu`aim

The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam said about Mu`aadh ibn Jabal: “Verily, when the people of knowledge will be present before their Lord, the Mighty and Sublime, Mu`aadh will be one step ahead of them.” [Saheeh, Ibn Sa`d, Aboo Nu`aim, at-Tabaraanee] He, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, also said about Mu`aadh: “…the most knowledgeable of them [my Ummah] about the lawful and the prohibited is Mu`aadh bin Jabal…” [At-Tirmidhee, Ibn Hibbaan, ibn Maajah, al-Baihaqee, al-Haakim, who declared it Saheeh, and adh-Dhahabee and al-Albaanee agreed with him.] Ibn Taymeeyah writes in al-Wasiyyah: “Part of Mu`aadh’s excellence further is that the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, sent him to the people of Yemen as a preacher on his behalf, a caller, a teacher of understanding in the Deen, a giver of religious verdicts, and a judge.” This is Mu`aadh, radhiallaahu ta`aalaa `anhu, to whom the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, also said: “O Mu`aadh! By Allaah, truly I love you.” [Aboo Daawood, an-Nasaa’ee, ibn Hibbaa, Aboo Nu`aim, Ibn Khuzaimah and al-Haakim, who declared its isnaad to be saheeh, and adh-Dhaabee agreed] Aboo Nu`aim reports some sayings of Mu`aadh himself about the excellence of knowledge, among which we find the following: “Knowledge is a comforting friend in times of loneliness, it is the best companion during travels, and it is the inner friend who speaks to you in your privacy. Knowledge is the discerning proof of what is right and what is wrong, and it is the positive force that will help you surmount the trials of comfort, as well as those of hardships. Knowledge is your most powerful sword against your enemy, and finally, it is your most dignifying raiment in the company of your close companions.” “Through knowledge, Allah, blessed be His Name, raises some people in rank, and He makes them leaders in righteousness and models in morality. The vestige of their faith is avidly sought, their deeds are emulated perceptively, and people will seek and sanction their opinions solicitously and unequivocally. The heavenly angels seek their company and anoint them with their wings, every fresh or withered life they pass by implore Almighty Allah to forgive them their sins, even the fish in the oceans, the beasts of the lands and every bird of prey and migratory bird pray and solicit the mercy of Almighty Allah on their behalf. This is because knowledge revives the dead hearts and drives them out of darkness into light, and because knowledge is the light of the inner eyes that cures one’s blindness and restores his inner sight.”

One more, I supopse a  good point 😀:

For Knowledge Seekers

Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi

It is indeed not my intention to discourage young Muslims from the pursuit of knowledge and learning. To learn is an obligation which is enjoined upon us from the cradle to the grave. But what I intend to emphasize here is that however broad their learning and knowledge may be, they are bound to heed those who are specialized. The Sharee`ah has various interdisciplinary branches and usool which these young Muslims are incapable of knowing and comprehending and for which they neither have the time nor the means. Furthermore, I feel obliged to point out that I do not approve of the tendency of some youths who abandon the colleges in which they have enrolled, and in which they have made good progress and are expected to do well, and seek to specialize in Sharee`ah. Such people ignore the fact that to pursue knowledge – and to excel in any discipline – is fard kifaayah: a collective obligation. It should also be observed that the competition between Muslims and non-Muslims for mastery of the secular sciences is at its highest. When a Muslim seeks to learn, to excel, and acquire insight into such sciences for the sake of Allah (SWT) he is actually performing `ibaadah and jihaad.Let us remember that when the divine message was revealed to the Prophet (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam), his earlier companions had various professions. The Prophet (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) did not aks them to give up their work and devote themselves to the study of Islam, except, of course, those who were entrusted with a special mission and who had to adjust themselves to its fulfillment. What I honestly fear is that the tendency to give up pursueing other disciplines in order to study and master Sharee`ah may be motivated by an unconscious covert desire for popularity, ostentation, and leadership, especially in meetings, debates and seminars. Such a desire is not easy to detect, because Satan has countless means and inlets into the human soul which is vulnerable to temptation, unless that individual is constantly alert. This means that we should carefully investigate our thoughts, motivations and strategies; we should constantly try to find out whether these are impelled by mundane or spiritual goals. Self-deception is a snare which confuses motives and blurs clarity of vision. We should never tire of reminding ourselves of this Quranic verse: “Whoever holds firmly to Allah will be shown a Way that is straight” [3:101].

Wa’alaykum Asalaam! 



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