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Just Say No to MoonFighting! September 10, 2007

Posted by Sis Shaykha in Ramadan.

Posted By A Brother From MM Forums: 

Just Say No to MoonFighting!

 Protect your Ramadan by staying away from any and all discussions related to moonfighting. Make a resolution now that under no circumstances will you get involved with or initiate a discussion that leads to a MoonFighting debate. Here are my recommendations:

  1. When your masjid board makes an announcement regarding their decision, talk to no one about it. Follow what you’re going to follow, but keep quiet.
  2. When people start debating in public about the issue, even if they’re saying stupid things, leave the immediate vicinity. People saying stupid things is even older than the MoonFighting Debate.
  3. When people ask you what opinion you follow, change the subject and talk about the weather. Talk about marriage. Talk about Jinns. Talk about marriage to jinns in this great weather. But don’t be tricked into talking about the MoonFighting issue.

Whether you forward this out to others, it really doesn’t matter. My goal is simply to remind myself first and others that the world will not end due to the different opinions that exist, and nothing comes out of these endless discussions among us regular joes. If you benefit from this reminder, and it changes your actions, alhamdullillaah. If you forward it out to others, insha’Allah, we’ll both earn reward for helping maintain community unity, and we’ll increase our chances of having our work during Ramadan accepted.



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