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Forgive Me When I Whine! October 19, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum Brothers, Sisters.

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been a bit busy with things…

Anyway, quick news on the new blog, i’ve decided to switch from wordpress to blogspot (for many reasons). Insha’Allah it should be up soon (well atleast this year lol).

I wanted to share this lecture with you all,by Sheikh Belal Assad, May Allah reward him. It’s called “Forgive Me When I Whine”. Basically it talks about BLESSINGS, how many we have, how many we are ungrateful for. He talks about some stories, (that will make you cry SubhanAllah), and mentions ahadith and Quran verses concerning being grateful to Allah This lecture I believe made me really reflect upon the many blessings i do have in my life, and the things I unfortunately always take for granted-like my health!! I hope this lecture has the same effect on you, insha’Allah =)

 Taken From Dhikrullah.Com

Oh Allah, forgive me when I Whine
“Oh Allah , oh Allah Forgive me when I whine I have two legs to walk upon And the world is mine..A lecture delivered by Bilal Assad on the importance of gratitude”.

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