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Request For Duas! Sister Drugged! December 17, 2007

Posted by Sis Shaykha in Announcements.

Asalaamu Alaaikum!



 There is a sister named Hiba, you might not know her but she is still your sister in Islam. She is a youtube user (TasnimOO). Right now she is need of your duas! Some really wicked people put 5 Class A drugs (Cocaine x2, Heroin x2 and Ecstacy) in her Coca Cola Drink, and also mixed it with high energy drinks. You can imagine what effect even one pill has on a human being (one can kill).  She is in critical condition. Actually when she arrived at the hospital they pronounced her dead after some time, but then by Allah SWT’s Mercy her heart started to beat again. She is right now in Coma. SHE NEEDS YOUR DUAS EVERYONE!!! The Prophet, SAW, said the best time to make dua is after each obligatory salat and the last part of the night when Allah SWT descends to the lowest heaven! Please make dua, especially during these times. Make dua for her that she recovers, and for her family that they are patient!!

JazaakAllah Khair

Wa’alaykum Asalaam


1. coolguymuslim - December 18, 2007

may Allah swt make it easy for her and her family. ameen

2. shanta - December 19, 2007

may ALLAH (SWT) grants everyone’s prayers and dua’s for this sister and grant her a speedy recovery…INSHALLAH!

3. tintin - December 23, 2007

may Allah grant her speedy recovery and make easy for her and her family .aameen.Moreover i wouldlike everyone reading this post to make dua for one of sister indeen.
A sister of deen is passing through some tough times of her life.She is a very good person and need our support .Please make dua for her so that Allah SWT removes all her pains and troubles.May Allah bless her with everlasting happiness.and protects her from all calamities.please please remeber her in your duas

4. Sis Shaykha - December 30, 2007

AMEEN to all the duas, Insha’Allah

Update: she is doing better, in a stable state/condition. But still in pain,May Allah restore her to complete and perfect, health, and all the muslims in the world, ameen

Wa’alaykum Asalaam wa Rahmatullah

5. AHMAD - January 7, 2008


6. ghizlaine - May 3, 2008

salamo aalaykom

7. xavier - May 16, 2008

its crazy

8. saadia - May 29, 2008

waaa alah

9. yassmina - June 17, 2008

i wich chi by great

10. Jefferson - July 3, 2008

hi salamalikum,

get well soon

11. Ali Akhter - August 17, 2008

Assalam Alaikum,
Since seven years, I am facing a big problem, I recide dua , umra, two time but still the problem is same. I am Ali Akhter, Indian, Muslim, working in KSA since 1997. I dont have anything except my dignity, but due to my enemies this is also last week finish and they are many threating calls coming from my enemies to kidnap my Mom & sisters.
Please make dua for me & my family. Allah fight against my enemies Munna Khan, Meraj Khan, and all their supprters.

12. hiba - September 13, 2008

hi ana hiba
ok bye?

13. Faris - August 8, 2009

How is she now?

14. elahassan - August 16, 2009

allahmma ichfi anta achafi la chifa illa chifaok chifaa la yoghadiro sakama

15. Ray - October 4, 2009

May God Bless Her and her family and may whoever did this be Punished by God!

16. sageer ahmad - December 3, 2009

hi i m sageer ahmad 27 years old man from delhi india i have a request to pray for my mother she got a attack on mind pls dua for her shifa

17. Anonymous - December 14, 2009

Please make dus for sister soda she is in hospital critical.

18. ISLAMLOVE - December 21, 2009

May Allah grant her a speedy recover and give her & her family more emaan (faith) and be granted to the highest level of paradise insha’Allah. AMEEN.

19. nahim ahmed - September 16, 2010

aslaam aleikum im nahim ahmed, my uncle has been in coma for 10 years due 2 family problems. he cant speak, cant walk always in his own room doctors keep on checking on him twice aday. my grandma looks after him.i want everyone to do dua for him and gets better and want him to talk to family. his age is round abaht 30 years old. he wer in coma for 10 years.

20. A.a hwz ur frnd nw ? May Allah be with her always - January 27, 2011

It v sad.

21. Mukhtar M D - March 21, 2011


22. n.g - June 3, 2016

Be in the company of good friends. May Allah cure every sick.

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