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Beautiful Quote… January 30, 2008

Posted by Sis Shaykha in Ilm.

 Asalaamu Alaaikum,

Insha’Allah please drop by ilmcentral.hadithuna.com 🙂 That is the main (group) blog now. This blog will not be active as before…

I wanted to share this quote with you all. Nowadays you see so many splits amongst those muslims who are on the Quran and Sunnah. You hear frequently “so and so is an innovator”, do not take from him. SubhanAllah. We are more split amongst ourselves than the deviated sects, and the non muslims! While we are pretending to be defenders of the sunnah, we are actually neglecting it! When was it the sunnah to insult your brother muslim? In private, even worse in public (on tapes, videos, etc). What is happening to us that we hate each other so? What happened to sincere advice? Instead we choose shameful backbiting! Astaghfirullah. Fear Allah, my brothers and sisters. Do not waste your time trying to find ‘who is deviated amongst us, and who is not’. Instead focus on BENEFICIAL knowledge, you know that actually will help you in the akhirah! 🙂 Here is a beautiful quote i found online, i’m not sure who it is originally from, perhaps we can reflect on it:

“If they are teaching from the Quran and Sunnah, take from them.
If they are doing good, support them,
If they have beautiful manners, immitate them.
If they are pious and wise, be around them.
If you witness evil, advise them with mercy if you can or just stay away.”


1. Haq Islam - February 21, 2008

Salam Alaykum
What a beautiful quote, jazakallah for sharing!

2. Anonymous - May 11, 2008


3. inshallah08 - July 10, 2008

assalamu aliakumw arahmtullahi wabkt..
subhanllah you beautifully said..uqti fil islam..may allah reward u jannah tul feridows….

PS: i hope yu don’t mind if i pass it on to my friends, i’ll be sure to put ur name by it.inshallahu qhairan…

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