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What would you like to see more of on IlmCentral? March 3, 2008

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Asalaamu Alaaikum wa Rahmatullah!

 Think the IlmCentral blog needs improvement?? Insha’Allah (SWT) please cast your vote on what you would like to see more of!

Click here to vote!!!

 JazaakAllah Khair

Never heard of the IlmCentral Blog?

SubhanAllah, really?? Well you better head over there insha’Allah :p


Wa’alaykum Aslaaam wa Rahmatullah



Kitab At-Tawheed Classes With Sheikh Feiz!! February 26, 2008

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Online Kitab At-Tawheed Classes

With Sheikh Feiz Muhammad!!!



Kitab At-Tawheed (The Book of Monotheism). Tawheed is the MOST important subject to learn!!


On the 27th of January Sheikh Feiz started the course on Tawhid in the room:  “FaithOverFear” in Paltalk. & It will be held simultaneously every Second Sunday at 5pm Mekkah time for about 5 months.


Paltalk.com for the Tawheed lectures  & Dhikrullah.com for discussions, downloads, notes and Q & A with the Sheikh!

How to enter ChatGroup?

 (Go to paltalk.com. Then “browse rooms”, then “religion and spirituality” and then “Islam” and then “FaithOverFear”) and Inspeak (go “Groups”,then “sensitive – Islam” and then “FaithOverFear”)

More info, and how to enroll (it’s free!):


Insha’Allah please sign up to the forum and to the class! Don’t miss this oppurtunity insha’Allah to learn about the core and essence of our deen: TAWHEED!!

Wa’alaykum Asalaam wa Rahmatullah

1 8 6 6 – N A S E E H A January 8, 2008

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 Asalaamu Alaaikum

There is a new Canadian Organization. Spread the word!


1 8 6 6 – N A S E E H A

1) Naseeha – Muslim Youth Helpline has launched as of 1st Jan 2008

2) Elementary, High School and University students are encouraged to call and find solutions to their issues with trained counselors.

3) Youth can call regarding any issues including peer pressure, parent-youth conflict, relationships, confusions about Islam etc.

4) All calls are confidential, toll free, callers remain anonymous, Naseeha’s number does not appear on the phone bill and calls are not traced.

For more information on timings, geographical coverage etc. please visit facebook group:


OR visit the website:


Ilmcentral!!! December 29, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum!





What is Ilmcentral?

Ilmcentral is a center (site) for learning correct knowledge about many subjects such as Aqeedah, Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah and History from the scholars of Ahl Sunnah wa Al Jama’ah.

Who runs Ilmcentral?

IlmCentral will Insha’Allah be administered by a group of dedicated Muslims coming from all over the world. However their jobs will not be to teach, but rather to gather and spread books, audios, articles and videos already on the net by trustworthy scholars and share them the Muslim Ummah.

Who is IlmCentral for?

IlmCentral is for every Muslim seeking to learn more about their deen from a trustworthy site and from those scholars who are on the Quran and the Sunnah.


Please give feedback on look and content! Here is the blog:


 Wa’alaykum Asalaam! 

Request For Duas! Sister Drugged! December 17, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum!



 There is a sister named Hiba, you might not know her but she is still your sister in Islam. She is a youtube user (TasnimOO). Right now she is need of your duas! Some really wicked people put 5 Class A drugs (Cocaine x2, Heroin x2 and Ecstacy) in her Coca Cola Drink, and also mixed it with high energy drinks. You can imagine what effect even one pill has on a human being (one can kill).  She is in critical condition. Actually when she arrived at the hospital they pronounced her dead after some time, but then by Allah SWT’s Mercy her heart started to beat again. She is right now in Coma. SHE NEEDS YOUR DUAS EVERYONE!!! The Prophet, SAW, said the best time to make dua is after each obligatory salat and the last part of the night when Allah SWT descends to the lowest heaven! Please make dua, especially during these times. Make dua for her that she recovers, and for her family that they are patient!!

JazaakAllah Khair

Wa’alaykum Asalaam

Updates… December 6, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum,

Haven’t been updating this blog lately. But good news, my *new* ilm-centered blog is Alhamdulilah up, not complete as of yet, I’m still updating. I won’t “link” or post it yet.. But when the design, sections and categories are all up, then I will def [insha’Allah] give you all the heads up…


Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Wa’alaykum Asalaam

P.S. Check out this really beautiful recitation by an Albanian Hafidh brother named Mehdi Goga (his cousin was actually a student of Imam Albani, you can find his recitation at youtube as well):

Fatihah (x2) & Baqara 2: 132 – 137

URGENT APPEAL for Bangladesh Cyclone victims November 17, 2007

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 Please donate generously for the imminent relief work by Muslim Aid for the Bangladesh cylone victims at:
WWW.MUSLIMAID.ORG /click on link above
Muslim Aid
Lloyds TSB
A/C= 00243021
S/C= 30-94-21

Hadithuna-Muslim Blogs! November 11, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum



Just a quick update. I’ve chosen Hadithuna as my new blog’s home insha’Allah. I just came across hadithuna a few days ago, and on top of being Muslim (big plus), Hadithuna has Alhamdulilah a lot of great features and themes! A lot more than wordpress (even though Hadithuna is like an ofshoot of wordpress, or alteast they are using wordpress as their base). I encourage brothers and sisters to head on over and register a blog there!

I’ve finally chosen my theme (lol that took me forever), and now i’m going to update the blog insha’Allah. I’m planning on making a “knowledge base”, a one-stop-shop for ilm-no money needed of course. :p

Make dua that is goes well,

 JazaakAllahu Khair

Wa’alaykum Asalaam

Salaam November 3, 2007

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Asalaamul Alaaikum dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

I haven’t been posting lately, and I’m sorry for that. I have Mid-Terms and Final Exams all this week, and the coming weeks, so I might not be the most *active blogger*.

But Alhamdulilah, I have many new ideas for the blog and I’m even thinking of making my own website *say what?!?*. 😀

Coming from a person who isn’t exactly the most knowledgeable about Web Design, this sounds really ambitious, but who knows I just *might* start planning the site. 

But I’m not 100% on this, I just might in the end stick to the “blogworld“. We’ll see…

Anyway, here is a nice site I just happened to come across a few days ago:


Be sure to check it out, I’m going to be using it in upcoming *projects*, insha’Allah

And also head over to the blogroll (masha’Allah excellent blogs)…..

JazaakAllahum KHair

Wa’alaykum Asalaam wa Rahmatullah  

Celebrating Halloween?! October 29, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum

 Thinking about celebrating Halloween, going trick-or-treating, going to a halloween party??! Well you need to STOP and read this:

On Halloween: A. Idris Palmer

Ruling on joining in the kaafir festivals

I see many “Muslims” joining in Christmas and other celebrations. Is there any daleel from the Quran and Sunnah that I can present to them to show that these are indeed very sinful practices?.


Praise be to Allaah.

It is not permissible to join in the kaafir festivals for the following reasons: 

Firstly: because this entails imitating or resembling them, and “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” (Narrated by Abu Dawood). This is a serious warning. ‘Abd-Allaah ibn al-‘Aas said: Whoever lives in the land of the mushrikeen and celebrates their Nawrooz (New Year) and their Mahrajaan (festivals), and imitates them until he dies, he will be a loser on the Day of Resurrection. 

Secondly: taking part in their festivals is a kind of befriending them and showing love for them. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Awliyaa’ (friends, protectors, helpers), they are but Awliyaa’ of each other. And if any amongst you takes them (as Awliyaa’), then surely, he is one of them… “[al-Maa’idah 5:51]

“O you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies (i.e. disbelievers and polytheists) as friends, showing affection towards them” [al-Mumtahanah 60:1] 

Thirdly: festivals are the matter of religion and beliefs, not the matter of worldly customs, as is indicated by the hadeeth: “Every nation has its Eid, and this is our Eid.” Their Eid or festival reflects their corrupt beliefs of Kufr and Shirk. 

Fourthly: “And those who do not witness falsehood, and if they pass by some evil play or evil talk, they pass it by with dignity” [al-Furqaan 25:72 – interpretation of the  meaning]. The scholars interpreted this aayah was referring to the festivals of the mushrikeen. It is not permissible to give any of them cards for their festivals, or to sell them cards or any of the other things they need for their festivals such as lights, trees or food – including turkey, candy canes, etc

Islam Q&A

Fore More(Click Here):

Wa’alaykum Asalaam wa Rahmatullah….