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Qiratul Quran

A page just for Quran recitations. 😀

Quran – Sura (chapter) 15 Al-Hijr (The Rocky Tract)

Recited By Sheikh Yusef:

 88. Surah Al-Ghaashiyah (The Overwhelming) Recited By Sheikh Syed Ramadan:

Al-Afasy: Surat Maryam(Verses 1-21)–Ramdan 1428H/2007

Al Matrood:

An-Naba-Al Matrood:

Surahs 99-102: Sh. Adil Hameed Sabri:

Surah Al Buruj: Al Matrood:

Surah Al Qadr: Abu Bakr As Shatery:

Surat Al Furqan: Muhammad Jibreel:

Surat Hud: Mishary Rashid Al Afasy:

Ayats 1-12:

Ayats: 12-24:

Husary: Surat Al Furqan:


Muhammad Kanderi: Surat An Najm

Surat Dhukan: Shatery:

Surah Al-Buruj

Sura Al Qiyamah, Sheikh Syed Ramadan

Surah Al Fil-Mishary Rashid Al Afasy

Surat Ar-Rahman, By Shaikh Syed Ramadan

Mishary Rashid-Surah Al Balad:

 Surah Ar-Rahman-DeeshaAli 

Surah At-Tariq-AbdulBasit:


 Mishary-Surah Ash-Shams: Short Surahs w/Benefits:Mishary Rashid-Surah Al Muminoon:Imitation of Shaykh Shuraim and Sudais by Qari Nomani PART 1 Imitation Of Shaykh Afasi, Ghamdi etc. By Qari Nomani Part 2

Imitation of Shaykh Budair, Hudhaifi etc by Qari Nomani (P3)

Shaykh M.Tablawi-Surah al Qassas

Sheikh Salah Bukhatir-Surah Isra

Bilal Assad Surah An-Naba:

Sa’ud Shuraim=Surah Muhammad

Nassir Al Qitami-Surah Al Anam

Surah Al Furqan-Samer Al Omran:

Azaan/Athaan-Mishary Rashid:

Al Karani-Surah Ibrahim:

Mishary-Surah Al Furqan:

Beautiful Recitation by Sheikh Muhammad Ayoub!


 Al Qiyamah, Sheikh Muhammad Al Lihaden, Masha’Allah

Surah Al Jinn, Recited by Qari Zakah Ullah Khan!

Al Qiyamah, Sh. Salah Bukhatir

Surah Muzzamil, Qari Sadaqat Ali, Masha’Allah

Sa’ad Al Ghamidi-Surat Hud:

Sheikh AbdulRahman Sudais-Surah Ar-Rahman w/ Enlgish Trans

Mishary b. Rashid-Surah Taha Verses 1-55

Mishary bin Rashid Al Afasy–Surah Waqiah

Saad Al-Ghamdi– Surah Ar-Rahman w/translation

Sheikh AbdulRahman Sudais-Surah Qaf w/ Enlgish Trans

Sh. Salah Bukhatir-Surah Al Fatihah & Ghafir

Sh. Salah Bukhatir–Surahs Al Fatihah & Al Qalam


1. Bloop - May 17, 2007

Can’t wait to hear/see!


2. ummmujahid - June 2, 2007

they are up bloop! 🙂

I have put some recitations up now, insha’Allah will post more. 🙂


3. thechamp - June 26, 2007

MashAlklah great blog, keep it up 😀

4. thechamp - June 26, 2007

oops sorry I meant to type MashAllah 😀

5. ummmujahid - June 27, 2007

JazaakAllah Khair thechamp for stopping by and commenting. 😀

6. ummmujahid - July 4, 2007


7. ummmujahid - July 8, 2007


8. ummmujahid - August 23, 2007


Few videos added,insha’Allah I will add more videos to each section, once I find the time.


9. ummmujahid - September 12, 2007


10. Mansour786 - September 19, 2007

Wallahi.. You are getting enormous amount of hasanaat every passing second. I envy you for this one now.. lol :D. neah.. :), May Allah give you more and more hasanaat and then more by His subhaanahu taala’s Grace and Mercy and ofcourse our Rabb’s mercy is limitless 🙂

11. Sis Shaykha - September 20, 2007

insha’Allah I hope so…

insha’ALlah when you start your blog, you can also rack up hasanat.

Ameen to the dua, thank you.

12. Mansour786 - September 20, 2007

I dont have such beautiful videos :,( but i’ll see inshallah if in future i can somehow manage to get a TV, Afasy channel and a Tivo inshallah. But mashallah sister. May Allah subhaanahu taala open your heart for knowlege of deen and give you more and more hasanaat and blessings in this world and much greater reward by His mercy in Aakhira. Ameen

13. Sis Shaykha - September 22, 2007

I found all of these videos online…and i made some as well.

Ameen to the dua, ameeeeeeeeeeeen! May Allah grant you the same,

14. Mansour786 - September 23, 2007


15. Sis Shaykha - September 24, 2007

Asalaamu Alaiakum


–I’ve been trying to add a “Athaan collection” but it just WON’T work for me! Sabr, Sabr.

I keep trying to post the videos, but wordpress is giving me a really hard time. If i can’t post them, then i will just post a link to the URL of each video, insha’Allah

-Sis Shaykha

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