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What would you like to see more of on IlmCentral? March 3, 2008

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Asalaamu Alaaikum wa Rahmatullah!

 Think the IlmCentral blog needs improvement?? Insha’Allah (SWT) please cast your vote on what you would like to see more of!

Click here to vote!!!

 JazaakAllah Khair

Never heard of the IlmCentral Blog?

SubhanAllah, really?? Well you better head over there insha’Allah :p


Wa’alaykum Aslaaam wa Rahmatullah



Kitab At-Tawheed Classes With Sheikh Feiz!! February 26, 2008

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Online Kitab At-Tawheed Classes

With Sheikh Feiz Muhammad!!!



Kitab At-Tawheed (The Book of Monotheism). Tawheed is the MOST important subject to learn!!


On the 27th of January Sheikh Feiz started the course on Tawhid in the room:  “FaithOverFear” in Paltalk. & It will be held simultaneously every Second Sunday at 5pm Mekkah time for about 5 months.


Paltalk.com for the Tawheed lectures  & Dhikrullah.com for discussions, downloads, notes and Q & A with the Sheikh!

How to enter ChatGroup?

 (Go to paltalk.com. Then “browse rooms”, then “religion and spirituality” and then “Islam” and then “FaithOverFear”) and Inspeak (go “Groups”,then “sensitive – Islam” and then “FaithOverFear”)

More info, and how to enroll (it’s free!):


Insha’Allah please sign up to the forum and to the class! Don’t miss this oppurtunity insha’Allah to learn about the core and essence of our deen: TAWHEED!!

Wa’alaykum Asalaam wa Rahmatullah

Masha’Allah, Beautiful Recitation February 18, 2008

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Asalaamu Alaiakum

A Beautiful Surah & Beautiful Recitation.

 Please Visit Ilmcentral.hadithuna.com

Beautiful Quote… January 30, 2008

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 Asalaamu Alaaikum,

Insha’Allah please drop by ilmcentral.hadithuna.com 🙂 That is the main (group) blog now. This blog will not be active as before…

I wanted to share this quote with you all. Nowadays you see so many splits amongst those muslims who are on the Quran and Sunnah. You hear frequently “so and so is an innovator”, do not take from him. SubhanAllah. We are more split amongst ourselves than the deviated sects, and the non muslims! While we are pretending to be defenders of the sunnah, we are actually neglecting it! When was it the sunnah to insult your brother muslim? In private, even worse in public (on tapes, videos, etc). What is happening to us that we hate each other so? What happened to sincere advice? Instead we choose shameful backbiting! Astaghfirullah. Fear Allah, my brothers and sisters. Do not waste your time trying to find ‘who is deviated amongst us, and who is not’. Instead focus on BENEFICIAL knowledge, you know that actually will help you in the akhirah! 🙂 Here is a beautiful quote i found online, i’m not sure who it is originally from, perhaps we can reflect on it:

“If they are teaching from the Quran and Sunnah, take from them.
If they are doing good, support them,
If they have beautiful manners, immitate them.
If they are pious and wise, be around them.
If you witness evil, advise them with mercy if you can or just stay away.”

1 8 6 6 – N A S E E H A January 8, 2008

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 Asalaamu Alaaikum

There is a new Canadian Organization. Spread the word!


1 8 6 6 – N A S E E H A

1) Naseeha – Muslim Youth Helpline has launched as of 1st Jan 2008

2) Elementary, High School and University students are encouraged to call and find solutions to their issues with trained counselors.

3) Youth can call regarding any issues including peer pressure, parent-youth conflict, relationships, confusions about Islam etc.

4) All calls are confidential, toll free, callers remain anonymous, Naseeha’s number does not appear on the phone bill and calls are not traced.

For more information on timings, geographical coverage etc. please visit facebook group:


OR visit the website:


Ilmcentral!!! December 29, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum!





What is Ilmcentral?

Ilmcentral is a center (site) for learning correct knowledge about many subjects such as Aqeedah, Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah and History from the scholars of Ahl Sunnah wa Al Jama’ah.

Who runs Ilmcentral?

IlmCentral will Insha’Allah be administered by a group of dedicated Muslims coming from all over the world. However their jobs will not be to teach, but rather to gather and spread books, audios, articles and videos already on the net by trustworthy scholars and share them the Muslim Ummah.

Who is IlmCentral for?

IlmCentral is for every Muslim seeking to learn more about their deen from a trustworthy site and from those scholars who are on the Quran and the Sunnah.


Please give feedback on look and content! Here is the blog:


 Wa’alaykum Asalaam! 

Request For Duas! Sister Drugged! December 17, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum!



 There is a sister named Hiba, you might not know her but she is still your sister in Islam. She is a youtube user (TasnimOO). Right now she is need of your duas! Some really wicked people put 5 Class A drugs (Cocaine x2, Heroin x2 and Ecstacy) in her Coca Cola Drink, and also mixed it with high energy drinks. You can imagine what effect even one pill has on a human being (one can kill).  She is in critical condition. Actually when she arrived at the hospital they pronounced her dead after some time, but then by Allah SWT’s Mercy her heart started to beat again. She is right now in Coma. SHE NEEDS YOUR DUAS EVERYONE!!! The Prophet, SAW, said the best time to make dua is after each obligatory salat and the last part of the night when Allah SWT descends to the lowest heaven! Please make dua, especially during these times. Make dua for her that she recovers, and for her family that they are patient!!

JazaakAllah Khair

Wa’alaykum Asalaam

Updates… December 6, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum,

Haven’t been updating this blog lately. But good news, my *new* ilm-centered blog is Alhamdulilah up, not complete as of yet, I’m still updating. I won’t “link” or post it yet.. But when the design, sections and categories are all up, then I will def [insha’Allah] give you all the heads up…


Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Wa’alaykum Asalaam

P.S. Check out this really beautiful recitation by an Albanian Hafidh brother named Mehdi Goga (his cousin was actually a student of Imam Albani, you can find his recitation at youtube as well):

Fatihah (x2) & Baqara 2: 132 – 137

Between The Past And The Future November 28, 2007

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Asalaamu Alaaikum,

I just wanted to share this beautiful video with you all.

“This is the great piece from Imam Ibn ul Qayyim al Jawziyyah Rahimuhulllah, speaking on the purification of the soul, more specifically what we can do regarding our past, present, and future. It’s very beautiful, hope you benefit from it greatly insha’Allah.”

Video Made By My Sister

Hunting for Mistakes and the Vulture Culture: November 26, 2007

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Hunting for Mistakes and the Vulture Culture:
Destroying Correct Cultivation

Words from the Senior Scholars – may Allâh have mercy on themTranslated by Abû Umar al-Jurjânî

Credit to Maktabah Al-Salafiyah


“Listen my brother.  I sincerely advise you and other youths like you, who stand upon a type of deviation – as it seems to us, and Allâh knows best – that do not waste your time in refuting each other, saying that such and such has this in him, and such and such has that in him.  This is because; firstly: there is no knowledge at all in this, and secondly: this mannerism only breeds enmity and hatred in the hearts, and causes contempt and rancour to develop in the hearts.  So It is upon you to seek knowledge.  It is knowledge that will make clear to you the reality of the speech which is in praise of a particular person having many mistakes, and whether he is deserving of being labelled as an innovator.  Yet why do we wish to delve into such issues.  Indeed I advise you not to delve into such issues.  The reality is that we complain about this splitting which has occurred between those who ascribe themselves to the da’wah to the Book and the Sunnah – or as we say, ad-Da’watus-Salafiyyah the greatest cause of this splitting, and Allâh knows bests, is the following of whims and desires and the evil dictates of one’s soul.  It is not due to the presence of differences in thoughts and ideas.  So this is my sincere advice.”

[Silsilatul Hudâ wan-Nûr (784/1), dated the 1st of Rabî’ al Awwal 1414H (9-12-1993)]


“What has become common in this age, is that many of those who ascribe themselves to knowledge and calling to good, fall into belittling many of their brothers who are well-known dâ’îs, and speaking against the honour of the students of knowledge and the dâ’îs.  This is done sometimes secretly in their circles, sometimes on cassettes which are then circulated amongst the people, or sometimes publicly mentioned in their gatherings in the mosques.  And this matter opposes the command of Allâh and His Messenger from a number of angles … So I sincerely advise those brothers who have fallen into slandering and maligning the dâ’îs, that they should repent to Allâh, the Most High, for what they have written with their own hands, and what they have said with their own tongues; which may have been a cause for corrupting the hearts of some of the youths; filling their hearts with hatred and malice, and pre-occupying them away from acquiring beneficial knowledge and calling to Allâh, because of being pre-occupied with qîl and qâl (gossiping and rumour mongering); and with speech about this person and that person; and with hunting for the mistakes of people, and burdening them with this.  Likewise, I sincerely advise them that they should redress whatever they have done, and declare themselves free from the likes of these actions, through writing: or methods other than this.  They should remove whatever may have entered the minds and thoughts of those who listened to them, and they should take to doing those fruitful actions that will draw them closer to Allâh, and which will be of benefit to the worshippers.  They should beware of being hasty in pronouncing takfîr, tafsîq or tabdî upon people, without the truth being explained, and without the proofs being established.  The Prophet sallallâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam said:

“Whosoever says to his brother: ‘O unbeliever’ then it will return to one of them. “

 The authenticity of this hadîth has been agreed upon.”

[Majmû’ Fatawa wa Maqalat Mutanawwi’ah (7/311-314), abridged.]


“It is essential for a student of knowledge to safeguard his time from being wasted.  And time wasting occurs in a number of ways:- Firstly: That one leaves committing to memory and revising what one has read.  Secondly: That one sits with his friends and indulges in vain and idle talk which contains no benefit.  Thirdly, and this Is the most harmful of them upon a student of knowledge: That he has no concern except pursuing people’s statements with he said this and he said that (mâ qîla wa mâ qâla) and with what occurred and what is taking place regarding an issue that is of no concern to him.   And there is no doubt that this is from a weakness of [his] Islâm, since the Prophet sallallâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam said:  

“Part of a person’s good Islâm is to leave alone that which does not concern him.”

And busying oneself with qîla wa qâla and excessive questioning are time-wasters.  And it is, in reality, a disease which, when it comes into man – we ask Allâh for well-being – it becomes his greatest concern.  Due to this, he may even sometimes show enmity (‘adâ) to one who does not deserve enmity, or show allegiance (walâ) to one who does not deserve allegiance, because of concerning himself with these issues which pre-occupy him away from knowledge, under the pretext of “championing the truth”, whilst this is not the case! Rather, this is part of pre-occupying oneself with an issue that does not concern him.  If, however, a report comes to you without you having pursued or sought it, then all people receive news, but they do not busy themselves with it, nor does it become their greatest concern.  This is because this pre-occupies the student of knowledge, corrupts his affair; and opens up for the Ummah the door of bigoted partisanship (hizbiyyah), which then splits the Ummah.”[Kitâbul ‘Ilm (204-205)]


Amongst the consequences of the actions of these individuals is that they have confused the thoughts of many of the youth.  Thus, as a result, some youths have strayed from the path of guidance and have begun to follow what those – who criticize others, and who have stood in the path of da’wah and blocked the path of Allâh – have drawn up for them.  Some of the youth, as a result of those individuals who criticize others, now sense a great gap between them and the Scholars, and now harbour great misgivings, causing them to stay away from the Scholars.  Some have begun to categorize people according to what he hears from these people, saying: so and so is from the Ikhwân, because he talks, visits or sits with a person from the Ikhwân; or that such and such is from the Surûrîs; or such and such is from the profiterors [i.e. those who wish to please everybody, even at the expense of the truth], etc.  The amazing thing is that these people imagine that by doing so, they are applying the methodology of al-jarh wat-ta’dîl. However, they have adopted in this action, ignorant leaders who are misguided and who misguide others.  Thus, it is upon the Muslim to fear Allâh regarding himself and those poor souls who are not even a quarter, or a tenth of the learned.  There occurs in the authentic hadîth:

“That Allâh guides through you even a single person, is better than the choicest of camels.” [Related by al-Bukhârî (2942), from Sahl Ibn Sa’d radiallâhu ‘anhu

Meaning that it is better for you in this world.  Likewise, whosoever misguides even a single person, will bear a great burden; as Allâh – the Most High – said, after mentioning the story of one of the Âdam’s children killing his brother:  

 “Because of that, We ordained for the Children of Isra’îl that whosoever kills a person, not because of a life for a life; or killed a person in order to spread corruption upon the earth, it is as if he has killed the whole of mankind.” [5:32].  

  Thus, to send someone astray in his religion is far far greater than killing him.  So statements regarding matters of religion must be stated along with their proofs from either Allâh’s Book, or the Sunnah of His Messenger sallallâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, and that when making such statements one should seek by that the Face of Allâh alone; and also one should ascertain if the harm resulting from such speech is not greater than the benefit, or that one’s intention is not due to envy of a particular individual, or due to the following of one’s desires.

[Al Hawâ wa Atharuhu fil Khilâf (33-34)]